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There are programs within the Stanwood Camano School District which offer reductions in fees for families who qualify for the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.  In most cases, they will require proof of benefits. Proof of benefits, in the form of a letter, are sent to the primary guardian on file at the time of qualification. The primary guardian, will either receive the letter via email (if you have a current email attached to your student's primary guardian's contact information) or through the mail.  This letter will serve as proof of benefits for most programs.  Some programs will also accept a printout from Family Access*.  Please check with the program to determine which means of qualification they require.

*Eligibility information can be printed directly from your Family Access login! Click on Food Service, Applications and current application information (effective date must be no earlier than August 2017) will be displayed. Make sure to PRINT this page, using the PRINT button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

It is the parent's responsibility to share the letter.  We will, upon request, send another letter via email, mail or provide one in person to the primary guardian on file.

A fee may be charged when additional copies of this letter are requested.


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Teens and children ages 10-17 on the free & Reduced lunch program can receive a discounted membership.  If you are eligible for:

Free Lunch - You qualify for a YMCA membership for only $17 dollars a year.  

Reduced Lunch - You qualify for at YMCA membership for only $34 dollars a year.

All you need to do is fill out the Teen Membership Eligibility form below, then bring it and a copy of your Free & Reduced Eligibility letter to the YMCA!

5th Grade Camp

Many of the camps that 5th grade students attend with their school offer a discount for kids that qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch.  Make sure to save a copy of your Eligibility letter to turn in as proof of your qualification.

Operation School Bell

Operation School Bell provides clothing to students who demonstrate financial need and attend school regularly. Your child's school will arrange transportation to the Operation School Bell facility where your child will be fitted with new school clothing. Follow the link below for an application and for more information about the program.  

Clothing for kids

Any child who attends school in Snohomish County or the Northshore School District and qualifies for free/reduced lunch at their school automatically qualifies for Clothes For Kids. For students in the Edmonds, Everett, Granite Falls, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Monroe, Mukilteo, Northshore, Snohomish, Stanwood-Camano or Sultan school districts:  Parents simply request the Requisition for Clothing form from the school office. The form has all the information needed on it—dates and times we are open, directions, even a map. No appointment is necessary, but families must bring the form with them when they come to get clothes. For more information, including dates of service, please contact the Clothes For Kids office at 425-741-6500. 

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Pay to Participate.  

Due to the rising costs associated with the Stanwood-Camano School District’s athletic programs, and the statewide educational budget reductions, the District has approved an Athletics Participation Fee. The fee must be paid when the athlete makes the team and before the first competition. Parents of students who qualify for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and have a current application on file with the district office are eligible for a free or reduced athletic participation fee. A copy of the Notice of Eligibility for Free or Reduced-Price Meals OR a print out from Family Access* must be provided by the guardian and given to the athletic department, in order to take advantage of either the free or reduced-price athletic fee. (Applications for the NSLP are available on-line, at all schools, and the district office). Parents are responsible for completing and submitting the required paperwork. Follow the link below to print out a Pay to Participate Form.

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